“Be the best you! That is the B-FITT motto I have stuck to since day one.”

- Byron Hughes

Byron is a chartered exercise specialist and personal trainer with over 11 years experience. He is passionate about helping people get leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier from various different backgrounds, including those who are fearful of previous injuries, pregnant women and elderly people.

With over 12,000 happy clients trained in the past 11 years that I have been working as an exercise specialist, I have realized that a healthy mindset and a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. My program is there to teach you how to put the foundational steps into place in order to live a life that you’re proud of living and that’s why I chose to charge the minimum amount for my programs. 

Dave Hughes, my late grandfather inspired me to get into the industry, just before his passing at age 98 he was a fit charismatic gentleman and he was the one who taught me so much and who made me the man I am today. 

He started training after World War 2 and by 1950, only 2 years after he began training, he was a runner up for Mr. Southern Transvaal. In 1951, he held the South African weightlifting squat record and, in 1953 he represented the Southern Transvaal in the South African weightlifting Championship, 3 years later, my grandfather won the title of Mr Rhodesia. My grandad has a passion for fitness and his late wife, my grandmother Doreen. I hope to honor his lifelong passion with my work that I put out there in my brand, B-FITT.

My first job once I graduated my 3 year course in exercise specialist was at Virgin Active where I worked from a temp all the way up to one of the top personal trainers in the area. What separates me from others is my passion and determination to help others reach their goals. Once COVID hit and the gyms crumbled, I couldn’t help my clients as well as I could before COVID. As a result, I started training people online, 8 months after COVID hit South Africa. That way, I could carry on inspiring and helping my clients achieve and excel at their goals. I don’t want to rag on for too long about myself because this is not about me, the most important thing is YOU achieving your goal, however, if you have any further concerns or queries, I’d encourage you to reach out to me and ask.

As always, Take Care Of each other -


Time to find your best you.

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